Our mission is to provide opportunities and access to children and families in underserved communities that advance and enrich their lives for a lifetime.  

is an early childhood nutrition and fitness initiative to inspire healthy habits for life. It is the flagship program of Sound Bodies for Lifea 501(c)3 non-profit organization.



The Food Discovery Fun Labs™ is a novel approach to establishing healthy eating and good fitness habits in young children. 

Because we know that the power of Play, Music, and Technology 

can help children and families realize healthy behaviors that last a lifetime 

Healthy diverse family of color



Our Ambition

Create scalable programming and experiences that will help families regardless of income to realize healthy behaviors—in much the same way that Sesame Street revolutionized literacy and numeracy education for all preschoolers and the way in which Schoolhouse Rock! made learning grammar, civics, history, math, and economics both fun and memorable. 

Our Target

We’ll engage young children (3-9 years old) directly to actively participate in their own nutritional health and fitness and empower them to become influencers for change in their families and communities.  

A multi-pronged approach blanketing all spheres of influence—parents and caregivers, schools, peers, entire neighborhoods, and popular culture—to impact young children.

Active healthy boy Sound Bodies for Life

Our Approach

Entertainment that Educates  
A curriculum rooted in music and dance will teach young children relevant and age-appropriate good nutrition and fitness essentials. (Yep, just like School House Rock and Sesame Street!)

Physical play, hands-on experiential learning, and interactive technology seamlessly integrated to focus on both nutrition and fitness. 

Shifting Cultural Norms  
We believe that providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a single-tier strategy that does not guarantee behavior change. Shifting cultural norms and habits surrounding food and fitness will create broader generational change within communities. 

Ongoing opportunities for healthcare stakeholders to learn more about the barriers and drivers to positive health behaviors in order to influence better outcomes.




I.     School Outreach Visits


II.    An Online Experience and App with Games, Videos, and Tips for Parents and Educators 


III.   Streaming Content and Programming for Children 


IV.  Brick and Mortar Destinations

Additional information on each component is available upon request

Sound Bodies for Life aims to establish a national network of brick and mortar

Food Discovery Fun Labs™ run by those who live in the communities they serve.


Anticipated launch Bronx, NY

Brick and mortar Food Discovery Fun Labs will be a place for the entire community:


  • ground zero for shifting cultural norms and habits surrounding food and fitness

  • a vibrant community gathering spot for informative wellness events and activities 

  • A fun, exciting place for children to play, learn, and eat with many helpful resources for parents, caregivers, and educators

  • Discovery Zones led by Fun Chefs®

  • Play area

  • Interactive kiosks

  • Proprietary STEAM based curriculum

  • Indoor/outdoor planter garden

  • Monthly farm stand

  • On-site/online cooking demos and nutrition talks

  • Adult wellness and fitness activities



In every physical Food Discovery Fun Labs™ children can engage with a proprietary STEAM-based curriculum that utilizes music and play, while learning about food, nutrition, and fitness. And, they can eat too.

Parents and caregivers can enjoy online and on-site cooking and nutrition guidance from the Fun Labs nutritionist, in addition to evening and weekend fitness activities.

Fun Labs will mobilize families and entire neighborhoods around better health and wellness.

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